Newsletter Issue: Fall/Winter 2004

WWII Veterans

9th Air Corps

412th Fighter Squadron - 373rd Fighter Group

Dear Friends:

In the March/April 2004 Newsletter, a story about the Orphans of Dongelberg Castle by Dennis Hayman was included. An update that was given to the Reunion Group by Dennis is included in this Newsletter.

To review, Dennis is a relative of 412th pilot 1st Lt. William M. Miller who was KIA on Christmas Day 1944 during the Battle of the Bulge. During the period, when the 412th and the 373rd were operating out of LeCulot airfield near Louvain, Belgium, our pilots were living at the Castle de Dongelberg. Here, they shared their free time and expressions of love and care with the children.

In the process of completing the documentation of the 'story' there is a need to obtain some pictures from the Library of Congress. There is a cost.

It is the belief that the documentation of this 'story' will be a legacy that the 412th - 373rd can give to future generations. We thank Dennis for his efforts. Therefore, we believe it is worthy of our financial support. It will eventually be on our Internet website for the world to see!

The cost is estimated to be approximately $600. The expense is for approx. 25 pictures. As mentioned in Dennis' update, the process to obtain pictures from negatives is the major expense.

Our 412th treasury will subsidize a portion of the expense, but we still will need your financial support. We are asking for your support by a 'free will' donation.

We appreciate and thank you in advance for your consideration. Please, we would appreciate the donations by Jan 1, 2005. Please make checks payable to:


Mr. Wm. Geise
697 Forest La.
Fond du Lac, WI 54935 Please send your donation to Bill Geise.


If you would like to know more details about the 'story' please contact Dennis Hayman,74 broad St. P.O. Box 319, Morris NY 13808.Tele: 607.263.5399


Blue Skies
Bill Geise, Bob Colangelo

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