Newsletter Issue: Fall/Winter 2004

Reunion 2004

To those who couldn't attend because of circumstances, let's hope and pray that it may be different in '05 so you can join us.

We very much enjoyed the 'younger generation' that attended, and it's growing! We thank them for their fun, interests and "caring".

Several 'early birds' arrived during the weekend. In total, there were about 50 people that attended the reunion. The weather was great, and the Hotel was very accommodating.

The Hospitality room was available on Sunday afternoon, and it didn't take long before the 'treats' were ready. In the early evening, we had an enjoyable Pizza Party. Some went into town to try out a local seafood restaurant.

We were pleased that Gladys Woods visited with us on Sunday.

Monday was a 'free time day'. The Hospitality room was busy with meeting new arrivals. Others golfed, toured Washington, and shopped. At Monday night's dinner Joe Ritz Jr. gave the invocation and Bob Colangelo led the group in the Pledge to our Flag. Joe Jr. talked about our website and Dennis gave a status report on the Orphan program. The split club drawing was won by John Kinn.

Tues, was a sunny, comfortable, beautiful Washington D.C. day. If you're a spiritual person, patriotic and love our country for what we stand, Washington is an must place to visit and tour.

The day started at 9 a.m. Forty-nine (49) of us boarded the bus for our tour of Washington D.C. Memorials. Several tourists at the WWII Memorial asked to take our pictures. The 412th 'T' shirts, that we wore while touring, had drawn some attention. We were thanked several times for the sacrifices that were made during WWII. We had lunch at the Pentagon City Mall's food court. Haagen Das ice cream topped the lunch for many.

Reunion cont'd...

After lunch we visited the Udvar-Hazy Air Museum (Center), Dulles airport. It is a wonderful facility and designed for enjoyed viewing of aircraft from throughout the ages. The Museum's layout has areas for early aircraft of all types, commercial, military (friends and foes at the time), space, etc.

George Cooper had mentioned, some time back, that if we were to visit the museum, upon request, he would be able to arrange a special tour. Inadvertently, the request wasn't made to George. Somehow the curator was informed of the Coopers presence, and they were given a personal welcome and a short quick tour by the Curator. We thank them for the acknowledgement.

Dinner was delayed because of our extended touring. Dinner was followed by raffles of the gifts donated by the members of the reunion group. Most everyone had won, at least, one gift. Discussion on a reunion site for 2005 was discussed. There was a consensus that the reunion be held in the central time zone part of the USA.

On Wed. morning there was a noticeable lack of the usual early breakfast crowd. Perhaps Tuesday's tour was a little tiring.

Our group picture was taken mid-morning by Bill Geise. After which, it was another casual 'free time day'. Some toured Washington again, some shopped and others just enjoyed the Hospitality room. Wed. night's activity after dinner was bingo.

The time had come to say again "God bless, Keep in touch. See you next year".

Check out time was Thursday.

This Newsletter has photos taken during reunion activities. Sorry, we have to limit the number. We thank Bob Corey, Bill Geise Bob Colangelo, and Gene Ross for the photos shown. We have copied and re-edited some photos from our internet website because many of you don't have access to the internet. A thank you to Joe Ritz Jr.

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