Reunion 2004

Newsletter Issue: Fall/Winter 2004

Hospitality Room Table with great treats.

(Sitting is Olive Sauter)



Hospitality Room on Sunday

1. Moe Richardson, 2. Mary Johnson,

3. Anne Wohlfel, 4. Barb Barber,

5. Gladys Woods, 6. Charlene Polanski,

7. Bea Geise, 8. Norma Corey



Calling and talling the Bingo numbers Wednesday night.

Olive Sauter

Dan Merlo Jr.

Hospitality Room on Sunday

L-R: Wylo Wooge; Louise Cooper; Wayne

 Barber; Gladys Woods.


Sunday Night Pizza Party

Clockwise: Mary Johnson (back to camera),

Gladys Woods, Barb Barber, Lillian Reeves,

Clem Johnson, Roy Thurman, Julie Fortuin,

Harry Wilson, Dennis Hayman. Norma and Bob

Corey behind Roy.


A Display

Smithsonian's Stephen F. Udvar-Hazy Center

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