Newsletter Issue: Fall/Winter 2004

Update about WWII Castle de Dongelberg's Children Search


Hi folks! I will update everyone on the Bridges of Love Project and what we did at the reunion in regards to that initiative.

I had received a video recording on a DVD from Belgium with three of the women who were children at the Castle de Dongelberg. Ludo, our contact in Belgium said some nice words as well. Unfortunately I could not bring it to the reunion since it was in a European format that is not compatible with American DVD players. I was able to see it on my computer, however.

My plan is to have this converted to the proper format and then try to edit in some of the video footage I took of some of the people at the reunion. That may take a while. I hope to make it available to squadron members when it is done.

In the meantime, so that we would have something to look at during the reunion, I printed off some still photos of the "children" as they looked then and now, along with some letters that they sent me for you all. Marie and I put a scrapbook of these things together and I brought it to the reunion to share with everyone.

During the reunion, I was able to go into Washington on Monday, thanks to Tom Ritz, who braved the traffic for us. George Cooper accompanied us to the Library of Congress - where those wonderful librarians had located more pictures that Toni Frissell took at the Christmas party the squadron held in 1944 for the kids in the orphanage. We are now trying to have 24 of those pictures printed for us (They are now negatives only).

Earlier in the year, Bill Mather had talked to Frieda Becker, one of the "hidden children" at the orphanage - who now lives in Chicago. He invited her to the reunion but she could not make it. The great discovery we made at the Library of Congress was a photo of Bill Mather with Frieda Becker at the Christmas party.

I plan on adding that and other photos to the scrapbook. I am then going to send the scrapbook to the "children" in Belgium and to Frieda Becker so that they can see what we put together and also see what the members of the squadron look like today.


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