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Thanks to Joe Ritz, Jr. & Tom Ritz.

Through their work and efforts, the 412th now has a terrific internet website!

Those on our emailing list are aware of it. For those who don't have access to a computer to see it, ask a friend to view it with you. Libraries, senior centers, etc., are also contacts. You, your family or your friends won't be disappointed!

We thank all those who have contributed information, corrections, and etc., for the website. If you have info, etc., please contact Joe Ritz: P.O. Box 231, Emmitsburg, MD 21727 or e-mail Joe Jr. at: (remove the word NOSPAM from this published address)


In Memory ...George Fowler died on December 5, 2003. He was a great supporter of the 412th and contributed articles for the Newsletter. He is missed. Our sympathies went out to his family.



The Dongelberg Castle Orphans ...

There has been much accomplished by Dennis Hayman and Marie McMahon-Hayman with their search to find Orphans who touched the lives of 412th Officers and others during WWII. With the help of a Belgian counterpart, Dennis and Marie have located a potential of 18 Orphans. Bill Mather has had a phone conversation with one of the orphans located in the Chicago area. It has been the intent, that they visit the USA, and be a part of our reunion in Sept. Dennis and Marie are currently working to find large financial sponsors. Any leads anyone? We wish them good luck.

This Newsletter contains edited portions of an article written by Dennis from the Orphan Connection site.


Here and there ...

Not much info received between here and there. As they say, no news is good news?!

However ...

Scott Ames had colon surgery in Feb. and recently said that he is feeling good.

Joe Ritz is doing great and looking forward to the reunion. It's not far from his home.

Paul DeHart is well again after his serious fall last Sept. He and Mary made a trip to the southlands.

Glen and Lauren Noyes have moved to: 501 Anita St. #162, Chula Vista, CA 91911. Their Email address: (remove the word NOSPAM from this published address)

Frank Abell recently sent me the "Bulletin Air War, 1939-1945" received from (Frank Gruintjes - Holland). It hasn't been translated except for Dennis Hayman's article.

It's about the units and its airman operating from Venlo aerodrome. If interested? call (716)751-9969.


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