P-47  "JUG"


"A Stormy Sky Over Normany"

In the summer of 1944, seventeen year old Rémy Chuinard looked up into the skies of his beloved Grandville on the west coast of the Cherbourg peninsula, not very far north of Mont St. Michel. There he saw what so many had hoped to see in Normandy, the promise of liberation in the roar of mighty war-birds. In his book "A Stormy Sky Over Normany", Rémy expresses his gratitude for that liberation and his admiration and honor of the brave "Sky Knights" and ground support who served the 9th Air Force, USAAF.

(exerpted from the préface)

"The hollywood picture of a fighter pilot shows us young heroes, handsome, romantic, some 'Sky Knights'.  But history doesn't hold on celluloid film.  They were very young, most cetaintly, but not necessarily handsome and romantic.  Now survivors have grown old but they still have many buddies left who are forever young and will remain so in their hearts and memories...

I only suggest that the reader imagine one of these young Americans who were flying by themselves, in a fighter plane and think, not only about those who were Aces, but also about the many pilots, more humble, who shared the same risks and at the same time, about those, who on the ground, no matter what part they played made the take-offs possible...

My only hope is that today's youth might be able to know, through this book, some of their elders, young men of another generation who have fought for the freedom we now enjoy."  - Rémy Chuinard


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