Newsletter Issue: February '06

Comments cont'd ...

There may be a P-47 fly-in by Dan Dameo at the Air Field Museum on Tues.

Dinner cost: $22.00/dinner/person (all incl.)

Please note, reservations forms for the dinners (2nights), and tours + a lunch on the next page. They must be made to Bill Geise by Aug, 7, 2006.

Any questions?  Telephone numbers for Bill Geise or Bob Colangelo are available upon request c/o 412th webmaster.

Mailing list update survey ...

The mailing list survey results using the return post cards were a welcomed surprise and a success. Thank each and everyone of you for your dedication and responses. Eighty three (83) mailings having post cards was made. Seventy nine (79) post cards were returned. That's 95% return!

From those returned:

Thomas Brown notified as deceased.

Phil Camma notified as deceased as of March 27, 2005.

(There were only 4) replies requesting not to receive the Newsletter...

In Remembrance:

Our belated condolences and sympathies to Thomas Brown's and Phil Camma's families. Blue Skies to Tom and Phil.

Bits and Pieces ...

Jerry Amato's new address is: 649 Geary Lane, Lincoln, CA 95648.

Harry Wilson had a heart attack and had surgery on Jan. 2, '06. He is on the road to recovery.

William (Bill) Williams is well and doing fine except for failing eyesight. "Hello and good wishes to all".

412th Fighter Squadron

373rd Fighter Group

9th Air Force, USAAF

Glen Noyes has finally been pinned down in CA after having 4 different addresses, 3 emails and 5 phone numbers.

Glen and Lauren's address is now:

11562 Compass Pointe Dr. North

Apt 47

San Diego, CA 92126

Glen and Lauren have given us their new Email addresses and telephone numbers which are available upon special request c/o  412th webmaster.

Glen mentioned that he thought the name Glen Noyes is still the same!

Other address corrections:

Al Hagg : 642 North Gate Dr.
Hideaway, TX 75771-5305

Marion Kloess: 8327 S Keating Ave.
Chicago IL 60652-3035

Edward Mosier: 3884 Sunnyslope Rd. SW
Port Orchard, WA 98367-9124

Sidney Newman: 6200 Oregon Av. N.
Apt# 429 Washington, DC 20015

Ernest Ritz: 44 Wilburtha Rd.
W. Trenton, NJ 08628

David Schwartz: 5902E Kingsford Dr.
Springfield, VA 22152

Robert Corey's email has changed and is available upon request c/o 412th webmaster.

Joe Ritz is doing OK. He isn't driving anymore. We talk occasionally, and it is believed that he would enjoy hearing from you. Should you care to call, ask 412th webmaster for his telephone number.

Received email ...

"My name is Bob Weidler, I'm hoping you can help me with some information. My father Cpl. George D. Weidler, was an armorer with the 373rd. He never wanted to talk too much about the war or his time of service. In 1996 he asked Andre Woods to not publish his address or to contact him further. He passed away Aug. 10, '05. I now feel free to try to find people he served with while they are still with us to 'get the goods on him'. Any help would be greatly appreciated." Bob Wieldler, 6 Knolls Rd. Poughkeepsie, NY 12601.

Bob may also be reached c/o  412th webmaster.