P-47  "JUG"

MACR 8518



Date: 13/Aug/44 Time: 1300 Location: 10 miles N.E.  Falaise
Pilot: HOLLINGSWORTH Gilbert B. Jr.    1st Lieutenant
Organization: Location St A-13   Air Force   Group 373rd   Squadron 412th
Mission: Departure A-13   Course: Falaise area   Dive-bombing
Airplane: P-47 D-4   A.A.F. Serial Number 42-22760
  Engine: R 2800-63   FP 014562
  Weapons: a) 654663     b) 650541      c) 650672    d) 660196
  Weapons: e) 66..  36     f) 66012..      g) 66.....      h) .......
Witness: William WILLINGHAM(?)   2nd Lt     last sighted
Circumstances: weather: 1/10 clouds cover base   4500 feet  Top 6000 feet  visibility 10-15 miles

I was flying Yellow four on Lt HOLLINGSWORTH's wing. We were working a ground support mission when Lt HOLLINGSWORTH call at us. He said his 100 gallons left and was heading home. Yellow leader called on and told me to return with him. We had just come up from a road where we were looking for trucks and were only about 1000 feet when Lt HOLLINGSWORTH set course. We started to climb when I saw a puff of smoke in the plane and the canopy came off of his plane. I chapped my throttle to try to stay with him but I was past him and was out to the right. He was still in the cockpit. I was still trying to stay with him and sliding from one side to the other when I lost him for a few seconds. When I looked for him again, I could not find him. I then saw an explosion on the ground followed by a large fire with a lot of black smoke. By this time the flak was firing too close to me so I climbed up. I then dove to 5000 feet to see if the explosion I has seen was Lt HOLLINGSWORTH's plane but the flak started coming up again and I had to climb up out of range.


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412th Squadron patch image courtesy of Bruce Lowell and Bob Colangelo.