P-47  "JUG"

  Joe Ritz and Andre Woods began organizing reunions for the 412th in 1989 and through the years these events have been well attended and much appreciated by members of the Squadron, their families and friends. In recent years the baton was passed to Bob Colangelo and Bill Geise who have continued the tradition of eventful and rewarding celebrations of our long and lasting camaraderie. And now after the Millville reunion, the baton has been passed again to a committee of Dennis Hayman, Kathy Vesey, and Anne Wohlfeil. There may be even others of the 2nd generation to contribute their efforts as well.  
  Memories of past reunions:  
  Kansas City, MO - Sep 2007  (as reported in our newsletter)  
  Millville, NJ - Aug 2006  
  Chicago, IL - Sep 2005  
  Laurel, MD - Sep 2004  
  St. Louis, MO - Sep 2003  
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