WWII Veterans of the 412th Fighter Squadron

373rd Fighter Group, 9th Air Force, USAAF

412th Wolf insignia courtesy of Bruce Lowell and Bob Colangelo


Photo Collage

Bill Williams

F/O MOS 1055 - Pilot


James Carton & Poon

MOS 4823 Eng O


Dan Merlo

MOS 750 Amt


Lloyd Davis

MOS 750 Amt


Matt Fagan

MOS 750 Afc


George Fowler

MOS 620 Parc Rigr


Frank Abell

MOS 911 Arm


Perry Gresham

MOS 1055 - Pilot


Herb Williams

MOS 055 - Clk Gen


Henry Hodek

MOS 1055 - Pilot

4 1/2 E/A Claimed

Clem O. Johnston

MOS 750 Flt Chf

Ray Kurowski

MOS 747 AnE Mec

Jim McCarthy

MOS 9301 Ast S3 O


Anthony Mazzanti & Albert Salvati

MOS 747 AnE Mec & MOS 750 Amt

William Scharp

MOS 911 Arm

James Summers

MOS 750 Amt


Joe Ritz and Roy Thurman

MOS 750 Amt (both men)

John Skorupsky

MOS 901 Ammo

Harold McMahon & Harry Mercer

MOS 826 AAF Sup (both men)

  These photos courtesy of Andre Wood's photo album where he had assembled a photo collage of the men of the 412th.  


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