WWII Veterans of the 412th Fighter Squadron, 373rd Fighter Group, 9th Air Force, USAAF

412th Wolf insignia courtesy of Bruce Lowell and Bob Colangelo

Photos and Archives

Clem O. Johnston

MOS 750 Flt Chf

Ray Kurowski

MOS 747 AnE Mec

Jim McCarthy

MOS 9301 Ast S3 O

Anthony Mazzanti & Albert Salvati

MOS 747 AnE Mec & MOS 750 Amt

Harold McMahon & Harry Mercer

MOS 826 AAF Sup (both men)

Joe Ritz and Roy Thurman

MOS 750 Amt (both men) 

William Scharp

MOS 911 Arm

John Skorupsky

MOS 901 Ammo

James Summers

MOS 750 Amt

These photos courtesy of Andre Wood's photo album where he had assembled a photo collage of the men of the 412th.

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