Newsletter Issue: Reunion '05

Hello to all!

I apologize for being a little tardy with the Newsletter.

We hope you are enjoying all the creations and blessing that our Creator has given us - regardless of our aches, pains, etc. We're all bound to have some since the average age of WWII veterans has been stated to be 83!

It has been a beautiful old fashion summer on the shores of Lake Ontario. I can remember when I mentioned in a previous Newsletter that we were having a good old fashion winter. We'll take what ever Mother Nature gives us. As one would say, "I'm happy to be on this side of the grass".

It's time to remind you all that September is around the corner and so is our 2005 Reunion. Our reunions are somewhat structured, in that we have a group tour and group dinners. We hope that it's not the reason for not attending. Our reunion has always been flexible and one can do what is in their best interest. We do have the Hospitality Room for being together other than the structured events. As some of the 412th Reunion Chartered members, we have been "reunioning" for approx. 15 years and plan to continue. It's a fun, story telling time so why don't you join us.

Also, it has been mentioned before that: "Among other things, a reunion is a gathering to decide where the next reunion will take place!" 

In Memoriam:

Let us not forget those of the 410, 411, 412 Squadrons, 373rd Fighter Group that have gone on into the Blue Skies before us.

Our Reunion town Chicago is a great town.

"CHICAGO, CHICAGO, that toddling town.

Chicago, Chicago I'll show you around - I love it.

Bet your bottom dollar you lose the blues in Chicago

The town that Billy's Sunday could not shut down.

On State Street that great street I just want to say

They do things that they don't do on Broadway - say

They have the time, the time of their life

I saw a man and he danced with his wife

In Chicago, my home town"

As mentioned previously, "Get in tune and plan to come to the reunion. We're going to show you around, you don't need a dollar to bet that you'll lose the blues - we have a sure thing. We're going to see State St. However, we may need  volunteers to see a man dance with his wife! AND, you'll have free time to do your own things". 

 Bits and Pieces

Joe Ritz Sr. and Olive Sauter visited Roy Thurman and Lillian in Little Rock, Ark. Joe enjoyed Lillian's "chauffeuring" in her early model car. They enjoyed the sightseeing and visited the Clinton Library. 

Joe also reported that Raymond "Shorty" Kurowski is walking with a cane.

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