Newsletter Issue: Reunion '05

Bits and Pieces cont'd... 

Frank Abell, as well as many other Floridians, are keeping busy trying to keep up with the effects of the hurricanes and recent Florida weather. Frank mentioned something about building a concrete igloo!?

Thanks to George Cooper, Glen Noyes and Al Hagg for responding to my email about the P-47 Pilots Association being dissolved.

George Cooper: "Your information is correct. The P-47 Pilots Association has been dissolved following an earlier decision of the Board of Directors and the final reunion was held in Seattle, WA May 5-8, 2005. There was considerable disappointment expressed by many members and it was pointed out that the P-47 would still be remembered through the Museum at Millville, NJ. See (internet sites) or".

Al Hagg: "Yes, the Seattle reunion was the 42nd and last official P-47 Thunderbolt Pilots Association meeting. It was a good one, but very sad for some of us old regular guys. My roster count shows 286 attendance, less the half (134) members. The others: spouse, family, children and friends. 373rd: 13; 410:9; 411:2; 412th:2 (Coopers and Haggs) .... The P-47 Thunderbolt Association is a legal, NY State, nonprofit group that will be closed out in 2-3 months. The funds remaining is or will be disbursed to 10 Museums that have a P-47 on display and in some cases still flying".

Glen Noyes: "I agree with you and you are to be commended for extending a welcome to those who were/or have been members of the 373rd Fighter Group. Unfortunately the P-47 Thunderbolt Pilots organization was having serious difficulties in finding members who could handle the multi-duties involved in putting on a reunion. The demise of some of the leading members such as Ev Peters, Dick Truesdell, Bob Johnson, Wayne Dodds, Jug Letter editor Stu Moak, Sam Marshall, among many more, lead to an unpopular decision to end the run. Our members are decreasing at an ever increasing rate and in not too many years there will be no one left who remembers that a great airplane like the Jug ever existed. Those of us who were privileged to fly it owe so much to those of you who provided the support and leadership that kept us in the air".

Thank you and a salute to George, Al, and Glen. 

Internet Correspondence:

Internet correspondence received by many of us are requests for information about events of our Squadrons, or group during WWII. The history makers - you and I - are most valuable to researchers. Perhaps you may want to contribute, and therefore the purpose of forwarding them to you. Our own 412th member Dennis Hayman continues to search for inputs and perhaps you may want to tell your stories to him! Dennis can be reached at 607-263-5399.

The following exerpted e-mail forwarded by 412th webmaster Joe Ritz Jr.

From: Luc Vervoort:

"Found your e-mail address on your very interesting website. Trying to find the name and the fate of the pilot of the ... P-47 which crashed in Belgium on October 9th, 1944. Re: 373rdFG 412FS 42-26696. Perhaps this information is known or perhaps you can point me in the direction where I can find".

The following forwarded by the official 412th POC, John Kinn:

From: Kent Miller:

I am a researcher/writer with seven published books to my credit. My main area on interest is the 8th and 9th Air Force fighter units in World War Two. During the course of my research, I have run across quite a bit of information on the 412th. I asked Mr. Kinn if he thought the veterans would be interested in assisting me in putting together a history of the squadron. While I can gather a lot of the material from various sources, I would like to get in touch with as many members of the 412th (and their families) as possible to get their personal stories/remembrances and especially photos. If you'd like, I can supply numerous references (I am the Village Administrator for the town of Hicksville, OH). Before I close, let me add, I am not asking for any donations, whether monetary or in the area of materials, especially photos. I pay all costs invloved in getting reprints made and there is no need for any money - the publisher handles everything once I get the manuscripts/photos/captions to them".

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