WWII Veterans of the 412th Fighter Squadron, 373rd Fighter Group, 9th Air Force, USAAF

412th Wolf insignia courtesy of Bruce Lowell and Bob Colangelo

Photo Album


Our first base, Tour-en-Bessin, July 1944









Tour-en-Bessin, July 1944




That's Pilot Lt. Don Raine behind the mask.
Tour-en-Bessin, July 1944





Pilot Don Raine

Jerry Amato

Crew Chief Al Boerger




Best of buddies
Hunsberger and Hollingsworth.




  Lt. Irving Hunsberger developed propeller troubles 1 mile S.W. of Mervieilliers 19 July 1944. POW until end of war. click here for MACR 7171
    Lt. Hollingsworth went down 13 Aug 1944 10 miles N.E. of Falaise and remained POW until after the war. click here for MACR 8518  

Our second base in St. James, Aug 1944.






Capt. Gerard  Eger has "borrowed" Don Raine's plane.

St. James, Aug 1944.



Pilot Capt. Bob Damico.



Pilot Lt. John Kelly.

Pilot Lt. Ted Pilch.



Pilot Lt. Russ Gradel and "Poon".


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