Newsletter Issue: Fall/Winter 05

Reunion cont'd...

Bill Geise gave a financial report which said basically: we received some money, we spent some money ( we subsidized part of the cost for our tour), we have a few bucks left!

Al Hagg reported on the P-47 Pilot's association's disbandment (Please see write up that follows). There was some discussion about a site for next year's reunion.

We broke for lunch and many went to Bakers Square restaurant across from the Best Western. Terrific lemon pie!

Our dinner on Monday evening was at the Hotel. Ellen Colangelo gave the invocation. Ernie Ritz lead us with the pledge of Allegiance. It was followed by Ernie's Harmonica accompaniment while we sang God Bless America.

A side note: The "to be the 1st, 2nd, etc table" at the buffet table was determined by a random selection. The Geise, Colangelo, Schwartz, Corey table was first. However, on Wed. night, a lottery was held to determine "to be the 1st, 2nd, etc." Norb Polanski had the great opportunity to win first place by making his selection from one of the two tickets left - he picked the wrong one! Yes, the Geise, etc. table won "to be the first"! The Polanski table - last! We had fun and no one went away hungry.

Back to Monday evening: The first timers were introduced and welcomed. Each addressed the group with some comments.

After dinner the traditional split club raffle was held. The "first timers" Marty and Hedda Brock were the winners. Roy Thurman donated prize money that was raffled. We thank Roy for his generosities.

On Tuesday, our tour left at 10 a.m. with 44 on board. The tour stopped on the harbor by the aquarium and we observed the beautiful Chicago sky line on a gorgeous day. The tour continued to the Chicago neighborhoods prior to lunch at the Navy Pier. Chicago Hot Dogs and ice cream were popular choices. Wrigley field, the Wrigley building, Sears building, Merchantile


exchange (Wall street of Chicago) were all viewed by our bus drive by. The tour continued throughout the Chicago business and shopping districts and underneath the L's. Our bus driver Gene did a terrific job of moving the bus through some narrow streets and close quarters. It was an interesting tour. We returned to the Hotel about 3 p.m. (The Brocks returned to Chicago on Wed. and took the river cruise.)

There wasn't a group dinner on Tues. evening but many dined at the Hotel's Cafe Alyce Restaurant. The food was delicious and the service was tops. At approx. 7:30 p. the group convened in the hospitality room for the traditional famous raffles. Famous because there are always many handcrafted items and other great prizes. Everybody won a prize!

However, there were two (2) Bob's and a Joe Jr. that wondered if the raffles were 'fixed' since they were the very last to win a prize. There were enough prizes to have a second round of raffles.

Kevin Walsh, the nephew of our folded wings' Lt. Walsh joined us on Tues after the tour. Norb Polanski and Kevin were happy to meet since Norb was Walsh's wing man. We autographed a P-47 model that Kevin brought with him.

Wednesday was another 'free day'. Our shopping champions Wyllo Wooge and Marion Kloess, of course, went shopping with Marion's daughter Teena while other enjoyed the day doing their thing. The Brocks returned to Chicago on Wed. and took the river cruise.

The invocation for Wednesday evenings group dinner was given by Joe Ritz Jr. Following dinner, and after much discussion about a preferred site for our '06 reunion, it was decided that the reunion be held in the Millville, N.J. area. Millville is the sight of a P-47 museum and was the training site for some of our pilots. Ernie Ritz and Al Hagg were to help in obtaining info.

The group reconvened to the hospitality room for the traditional bingo party.


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