Newsletter Issue: Winter - Spring '05

-A Request for Information-


We are all aware, that as surviving Vets of WWII take off into the Blue Skies, a major resource of information about WWII is lost.  Realizing it, researchers and others are scrambling and seeking information from  possible sources.  As you know, the 412th has been approached several times for information.  Requests have been forwarded and many of you have helped when requested.   


The following is a recent request for information forwarded to us by Bruce Lowell. His uncle, Maj. Fitzgerald, was 412th Operations Officer. Bruce has a 373rd FG website ( and  has contributed info, etc for our 412th internet site.       


Dear Sir,

I take the liberty to write to you on behalf Mr. Jacques Brehin, MBE, MSM, President of the Association pour le Souvenir des Ailes de la Victoire en Normandie of which I am the secretary and webmaster (see
 Our Association honours the Hawker Tyhoon pilots who fought in Normandy '44. We have erected a Memorial at Noyers-Bocage where their families and officials can pay them a tribute (the Canadian ambassador visited it on 8th may 2004, the Prime Ministers of New-Zealand  and Australia last 6th June).
In September 2003 when searching a Ty
phoon, ASAVN excavated a P-47 between Monts-en-Bessin and Noyers-Bocage (see the photographs attached)*.

Unfortunately we have very little info about  this plane and all our efforts to identify this aircraft stay vain.

As we found some human debris, a USAF delegation came from Germany, took photographs, but no news since then.  The crash should have occurred before 22 July 1944, 15km SW Caen / Crash site data:

Request Cont'd...

Sheet Caen 7F/1 864- 614 lieu-dit Tesnieres. The pilot seems to have been burnt to ashes as we found a locked parachute buckle and carbonized bones.  I attach a list of numbers found on several pieces (we  send it to the US embassy in Paris but no news since then). The engine was at a depth of 5m, no Machine guns found.

The Curtiss propeller is first type. The upper part of the tail is grey paint.

We found a brass lighter of brand "Leseigneur" (french origin, indicating the plane started from France, i.e. after about 15 june 1944?). The serial number of the Bendix Radio (rack FT-244-A) is #8362. The Germans troops in the vicinity were 2nd SS, 9th SS & 10th SS.

No witnesses...that's all we know.

We would be most grateful if you could help us in identifying this aircraft and its pilot thanks to your files and links with the associations of veterans of the other FG involved in the battle of Normandy.

In our opinion this pilot must have been classified as missing in action.  It would be a chance that he belonged to the 373th FG.

I thank you by advance and look forward to reading you.


Bertrand Goucovitch

Note: No photos.


More News:

Joe Ritz, Sr. has been in and out of the Hospital with his heart problem.  He's 'one-of-a-kind' with all his energy and enthusiasm. We wish him the best.

To all that are in some sort of distress, we pray for your healing, and comfort.

We appreciate and thank Joe Ritz Jr. 412th internet website work.

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