Newsletter Issue: Winter - Spring '05

About the 412th Roster in this Newsletter...

* In this Newsletter is a copy of our 412th roster as we know it today.  Keeping it updated is dependent on receiving changes from all of you.  No doubt there are some errors, and maybe missing persons or those who are no longer with us.  I am asking your help to supply the keeper of this roster - me - any recent information, corrections, deletions, etc.

The only method that indicates that the addresses we have for mailing are correct, is by not having any "Unknowns" returned to us after a mailing.   Therefore, we appreciate any notifications of changes to be up-to-date.  

In many cases, I have searched the Internet for information on individuals, and can't find the person, his address, or a telephone number.  This could be that the person, because of the need for caregiving services, has moved in with family or to a caregiving institution.  We would still like to keep them in the 412 family if at all possible.  

The roster is available at any time to the 412th, 411, 410, or 373rd family.  You can contact me by email: or Bob Colangelo, P.O.Box 366, Wilson, NY 14172.

If not by email, please send any roster changes and information to the above address also.

Now that you have telephone numbers, perhaps you will give your old buddy a call, or send him a greeting?!

Peace, Blue Skies, Keep 'em Flying



* Our published newsletter distributed to members, family and friends of the 412th FS included a complete roster of personnel.  Our internet edition of the newsletter prudently defers global publication of our roster.  Inquires may be directed as instructed above or addressed to (remove NOSPAM from address).

Picture by David Schwartz. Taken in Dec. 04 (at the site of our Sept. '04 reunion tour)

Smithsonian Museum - Udvar-Hazy Center

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